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Kerry Washington Instyle Magazine March 2020 Issue Fashion Style

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Hollywood actress, Kerry Washington is the style star for March 2020 issue of InStyle Magazine. It won’t be the first time the mother of two is gracing the cover of InStyle magazine.

Kerry washington instyle magazine
Photo by Sebastian Faena for Instyle Magazine.

See excerpts from her interview with the mag below.

She’s all about establishing boundaries, especially in her personal life. She’s been married to actor and former NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha since 2013, and the couple have three children.

Washington describes herself as “really, really vigilant” early on when it came to making sure her kids were out of the public eye.

“These are their lives. But it’s not about pulling a

Rapunzel and hiding them away in a castle from the world — we don’t want to do that,” she says.

“I think any parent would want to keep kids from a situation that causes them to feel scared.

I don’t want them to be exploited, particularly in this social-media world.”
When she needs a break, Washington looks for activities that will ground her, like Pilates and y.. Swimming is also big at her house.

“My husband teased me that if I did the [DNA test] 23andMe, it would come back 11 percent mermaid. My kids are the same way. They’re just fish.”
When discussing how the industry tends to treat female-led films like Hustlers and Girls Trip as outliers, Washington shakes her head.

“We have some amazing films like Girls Trip happen with a cast of all Black women. It’s a huge, juggernaut success.

Then t.’s this thing like, ‘Maybe we should make another film about women’s friendships?’ And you want to be like, ‘Did you see Fried Green Tomatoes?’” she says, laughing.

“You just want to catch people up and not have them think these [films] are miraculous, exceptional experiences.

Read the full story on Instyle.com

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