AdSense Approval Trick 2019; Get Approved Fast

- May 09, 2019
Are you looking for how to get your blog  approved by Google AdSense? Really want to make money online with AdSense? If "yes" consider your blog or website approved after reading this article, because today I will show you AdSense approval trick, and how I got approved few weeks of blogging.
AdSense ad is the best way of making money online without any stress, but the stressful thing there is getting your blog or website approved to display advert so that you can make money from it, but don't worry " with this great trick, your blog is approved already.

A lot of people are looking for AdSense approval trick, but let me tell you" there is no other tricks except the one I'm about to disclose now. Which I applied and it worked for me. So, to get your blog approved in a twinkle of an eye, you have to apply this method too.

AdSense Approval Trick 2019; Get Approved Fast

Without wasting any of your time, below are the best AdSense approval trick, that you can apply now and get approved in a twinkle of an eye.

  • Do not copy from other people's work
  • Be unique and fabulous
  • Don't post adult content e.g porn
  • Design your blog very well
  • Remember to attach, terms of use, privacy policy, about, etc.
  • Write readable content.
  • Build your traffic
With this great tips, trust me your blog will be approve instantly, I'm telling you from experience, it didn't take up to two months to get my blog approved, with this AdSense approval trick, you can get approved with ten quality content. Now let me explain them further so that you will understand everything.

1. Do not copy from other peoples work: let me tell you this, Google is very smart. So, no matter what, you can never cheat them, if you copy from others, it may be very long for them to index it. And if at all they do, they won't approve your blog for ad display, until you write your own unique content and show them that you can be unique too.

2. Be unique and Fabulous: the best AdSense approval trick is being unique and fabulous, write what you know, Google so much love bloggers who don't do copy and pest, they can increase your earning for that. So to get approve fast be unique okay? Not only being approve, it makes your blog rank faster.

3. Don't post adult content; this one is a "no go area", Google so much dislike adult content, even if they approve your blog and you start posting adult content, they won't display ad in that particular article. Or they may even ban you, the day I posted a semi nude picture in this blog, they never displayed any ad on it, and letter at night they sent me an email, see the screenshot of the email below.
Telling me that a new policy Violation were dictated in my blog, I never knew what that means then, not until I started studying AdSense. So don't try posting adult content.

4. Design your blog very well:  designing your blog very is another AdSense approval trick that can make them approve your blog very fast, so try to make your blog look good, if you don't know how to, send me an email and I will direct you to a professional blog designer, who will do that for you at cheaper rate.

5. Remember to attach terms of use, privacy policy, about us etc. This is a must, but a lot of people are ignorance about it, your blog won't be approve without you attaching it, so make sure you do that, and see your blog displaying AdSense.

6. Write readable content: this one is just something that is left for you, if you don't know how to write, learn from those that know, AdSense without readers is nonsense. Write something that people can read very well and learn from it, readability is the ultimate when it comes to blogging. So don't use slang e.g yooh men, nigger, you know them though, so don't use them when writing blog content.

6. Build your traffic;  building your blog traffic is the best AdSense approve trick and one way you can make enough money from it. If you started blogging newly, your first traffic source should be on social media, e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
When you have massive viewers, you will earn massive income when they finally approve you.

If you have any question on this AdSense approval trick 2019, please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment section below and come back for the reply.



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