How To Download YouTube Videos ; Download For Free

- March 29, 2019
I discovered that a lot of people are searching for means to download the videos they watch on YouTube, but search no more, because I have gotten a solution to it, I also went through this. When you see an educative, informative or entertainment videos you wish to see over and over" but there is no way to download it.

Today I will teach you how to download YouTube videos and watch them anytime you wish to, but before I proceed I want to disclose one secret to you, which is?

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Now let's continue from were we stopped,

How To Download YouTube Videos ; Download For Free

I discovered an amazing Application (VidMate) that will help you  download YouTube videos, in a twinkle of an eye, this application has help me lot, and a lot of people are already using it.
VidMate App

Now all you need to do is to download this application, install it in your mobile phone or PC.
To download this application kindly press HERE

After installing VidMate application in your mobile phone or PC, on your data, it requires Internet connection to help function very well.

How Do I Download YouTube Videos With VidMate Application?

Now that you are done downloading and installing the application in your mobile phone, the next step is to press the app, then it will open.

This is how it looks when you open it.

Check the screenshot very well you will see were they wrote action movie with a search handle, at the top. "Seen right"? OK that's were you will type in the title/name of any video you want to watch, and press the search handle and the result will display immediately.

Now to download the YouTube videos I press one of the trending movie titled WICKED MAN (Mark Angel Comedy).

And this is the result below:
Amazing right? I hope you can see were they wrote DOWNLOAD ? " YES" When you are done watching the movie, you press download or you can choose not to watch it and download it. Anyhow you want it.
When you press download, you will see a pop up with a red button download.

Then go ahead and press the red button Download and watch it download.

This is exactly how to download YouTube videos, It is very simple and easy to do, you can also use it and download videos on Instagram, WhatsApp etc.



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