How I F*cked A Facebook Slay Queen For Free ; Man Narrates

- February 02, 2019
A shameless young man has narrated how he lured a Facebook slay queen in his bed, had s*x with her all night without spending his one naira on her.

The man who seems to be irresponsible narrated how he lodged the beautiful lady in a hotel f*ck her all night and insulted her of not satisfying him at all.

He wrote;
I met this beautiful lady on Facebook, "yes she is extremely beautiful" and irresistible, I sent her friend request, she didn't accept me, I keep looking at her pictures all the time expecting her to accept me after sending her a romantic message, yet no way for over five months.

I had to create another Facebook account, go to a unique studio and take a nice pictures, as a matter of fact, I snapped some of the pictures with my uncle's Range Rova car posing as if I'm the owner of the car, I uploaded all of them, then send her friend request again with the new Facebook account " she accepted few minutes after sending her friend request, "Oh my God, de maga don  fall I said".

I started sending her text messages which she doesn't hesitate to reply, after some time she told me that she need some money for her house rent, that I should help her. At this time all she's talking about is money money, I said okay that we need to see and discuss something very important.

She insist that I should sent the house rent via her account first, I started winning her heart, promised her heaven on earth, in fact I promised to start up business for her and rent a flat, she was very happy and accept we should see.

I told her to pay for the hotel, once I get there I will pay back with extra cash, I made her believe that I'm wealthy and I'm gonna marry her.

I had to borrow my friend's car to see her that day, had s*x with her all night, bang the hell out of her pussy and told her that she couldn't satisfy me, I left and change my sim card immediately. Let her go to hell with slay queen and runs.



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