US Government Shutdown: Cardi B Calls Out President Trump In New Video

- January 17, 2019
Popular rapper, Cardi B, has taken to her Instagram page to criticise the United States president, Donald Trump over the partial government shutdown describing it as the longest in the country's history.

Cardi B took at President Trump for 'Ordering' federal workers to go to work without pay and quickly dismissed any comparison to the shutdown that took place under former president Obama.

She said: "Now, I don't want to hear you motherf--s talking' about, 'oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17days. .. Yeah b-h, for health care. So, your grandmother can check her blood pressure and you b--es can go check out your p--ies at the gynecologist with no motherf--in problem."
She further stated, " I know that not a lot of y'all don't care because y' all probably don't have a job, but this s-t is really f--in serious, bro. This s-t is crazy,"
She continued. "Our country is in a hell hole right now all for a f-- in' wall. Everybody needs to take some action. I don't know what type of action, b--h, because dis not what I do, but b--h, I'm scared. This is crazy and I feel bad for these people that got to go to f--ing work to not get motherf--ing paid."

See the video below!!



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