I Am Single And Searching For A Responsible Man- Ngozi Nwosu

- January 13, 2019
Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu has disclosed that she is single and seriously searching for a responsible man, in a new interview.

The 55-year-old actress of the Fuji House of Commotion fame has claimed that she is single and searching for the right man.

The veteran actress who slammed her critics, admitted that she has been married before, further stated that she is currently single and searching for a responsible man.
Read the short exerpt from the interview below!!

"As for marriage, excuse me, I have been married before, so don't go saying marriage..this..this.. this.. But now I am not married. I'm single now. I am looking for a responsible better man abeg."
The Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu who hails from the South-eastern part of Nigeria has no child, currently she is single and seriously searching for a better man.



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