How To Get Flat Stomach With Aju Mbaise

- January 07, 2019
Aju Mbaise is the best herbal medicine you can use to burn fat, it helps flatting the stomach within a space of one month, as stated earlier in our previous article. One of the most amazing thing about Aju Mbaise is that, it has no side effect, and it is very cheap and easy to prepare.
Be it a nursing mother, or you have a big stomach naturally, I assure you, it will definitely fatting within a space of one month.
Your question right now must be how do I prepare this Aju Mbaise?
Just calm down and read it very well, so that you will understand everything about Aju Mbaise and how it function.
Aju Mbaise

        How To Prepare Aju Mbaise

Aju Mbaise is very very easy to prepare, just like cooking food without adding anything except water
All you need to do is to get a very clean water, wash the Aju Mbaise very well, together with the other herbs tied on it, make sure you wash all of them very well.
Then, bring a clean pot" put the washed Aju Mbaise inside the pot and add two cups of clean water. 
Cook for about 10 minutes, then turn off the light, and allow to get cool.
Very easy right?
Just like most herbal medicine, that text so bitter, Aju Mbaise doesn't have a bad test, it is very nice and real.
As I said early, I'm a living witness. I now boast of flat tummy, with the help of Aju Mbaise.
NOTE: Do not unfold the Aju Mbaise before cooking it.

Cooked Aju Mbaise
After cooking Aju Mbaise, automatically the water will change its color, as shown in the picture. Don't be afraid of its change of color, it is normal. That's because of the herbs.
When it finally get cool, drink a cup of it, then cover the remaining one very well, finish it later.
You can equally cook yam potage with Aju Mbaise, drink it anytime you feel like, nothing like over dose .

If you have any question about Aju Mbaise, please drop it in the comment box below, we will respond to you.



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