A Man Without A Car Shouldn't Come Near Me - Hot Twitter Slay Queen Warns

- January 23, 2019
A Twitter user has been lambasted after she made a statement that irritate quite a number of people.

According to her, if you know you are well to do and you walk around with your legs when your colleagues are driving cars, don't talk to this lady as you will just be wasting your time.

@OhemaaGlory tweeted: "If u don't own a car I will not even let you smell the ends of my fingernails"
Her tweet got a lot of attention on twitter with many people retweeting and slamming her for being materialistic, while some liked the tweet and stood with her. Despite the blacklash against her, many men who are well-to-do have shown interest in her.

The society has been celebrating materialism in recent times with many young ladies hustling to get married to rich folks.

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