Tell Me Why I Won't Rather Hug A Snake Than To Save A Man

- December 30, 2018
A heart broken young Lady has narrated how she was being used and dumped by her boyfriend with no specific reason.

The laddy narrated how her boyfriend left her and marry another girl for no reason, taken to her social media platform she shared her story to a relationship adviser/ blogger, Joro Olumofin.
Read her story below;

Good day Joro...
My boyfriend I have been dating for over a year told me he was going to attend a friend's wedding in Enugu.. I actually helped him on certain preparation for the wedding and even saw him off to the Airport. All of a sudden he stopped picking my calls, I then used a different line to call him .. When he heard my voice, he cut it.
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In a nutshell,
His friend broke the news to me this morning that my boyfriend actually went for his own wedding with the girl he told me was his ex. I didn't want to believe, I felt his friend was lying cos both of them have not been in good terms.
Then I proceeded to check their wall on Facebook...
Lo and behold I saw my boyfriend with his ex's wedding pictures posted by their friends that tagged them. And here I was waiting for his return.
I never knew I was preparing my boyfriend for his wedding with another girl and even seeing him off into the hands of another woman.
Oh boy! His lies can resurrect d dead.
Anyways, I wish him a happy married life with his underage wife.
PS: their wedding was today 29th, December 2018.

See the screenshot below;



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