OMG; Man Arrested For Stealing Yam In Imo State

- December 22, 2018
A young man has been apprehended for stealing raw yam in the market.

A man identified as Chukwuma, 27 years was captured and seriously beaten by the youths in the market for stealing yam in Okigwe Imo State.

According to reports, the incident took place at Eke Okigwe market, where the man claimed he wants to buy yam from the sealer and when the saler was attending to other customers he took the yam he was prizing and walk away, not knowing that someone was at the conner looking at him.
Before he could step further, the person looking at him started shouting, calling him a thief, people gathered and beat the hell out of him.
Though the youths planed setting him ablaze, before the police came to his rescue and took him to the police station.



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