How I Lost My Virginity To A Married Man; Lady Narrate

- December 23, 2018
A heartbroken young Lady has revealed how she lost her virginity to a married man.
Taken to her social media platform, this young lady narrated an emotional story on how she lost her virginty to a married man who claimed she is not a virgn after good time with her.

Read her emotional story below;

My name is Evelyn, a 26-year-old beautiful lady, "yes I can proudly say that I'm beautiful" but my love life is ugly. I was born and brought up in a Christian family, I never indulge in any form of intimate relationship all my life. Not until the day I met this handsome young man, wealthy and vibrant. The first day I set my eyes on him, I feel for him" I developed a feeling that I had never experience all my life. But I kept my cool, I pretend as if I felt nothing.

The day he walk up to me and say that he loves me, I feel on top of the world. Knowing fully well that he can take good care of me,  I never hesitate to accept his friend request. He told me all sorts of sweet words, how much he loves me, and blablabla. I feel so cool with him. When i asked if he is married he said "No" and i was very happy that i have found the right person, not knowing that he was washing my brain.
Two weeks after accepting him as my boo, he requested for s*x which I declined, when he ask why I said no to him, I told him everything about me, that I'm still a virgin and he was very happy to hear that from me, and started saying sweet things that made me believe he will marry me.

After luring me to his bed, he said I lied to him, no drop of blood to prove me a virgin. His character changed towards me, no call, to reply my text on WhatsApp became a big deal for him.
If I ask him what I have done wrong, he will say nothing, that he was busy.
After discovering that he is a married man, I was so disappointed and heartbroken. But the truth remains that I still love him.
What do I do?



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