Bowen University students allegedly burn down hostel after 200 students got suspended

- December 03, 2018
Some suspended Bowen University Students, allegedly burnt down their hostel, after their Vice Chancellor suspended 200 students who refused a drug test.

The incident has become a trending topic all over the social media, as people reacts to the claim that suspended 200 students of Bowen University burnt down the school hostel.

Read some reactions below,
@duchess_sucy wrote; 
Lemme make something clear to you guys ehn, stop burning down hostels abeg, burn down the main place and rest the case there. You’ll end up sleeping on the street of Bowen cos these people don’t actually care
@Mhidy_ wrote;
What the fuck is wrong with Bowen University? A list of 100 students to be suspended….wtf?
Also read some reactions:
Aaron: “This is very serious, 200 students suspended? I wonder what crime they might have committed!”
Pius Esther: “Burning the hostel shouldn’t be the next reaction from the students…2things…..they will be the one to suffer for it…if the school decides not to do it where will they resides…secondly…if the school decides to renovate it…it will still be with their parents hard earn money and those that are not part of the burning would also bear the consequences with them…burning the hostel is not the best”
Joshua: “Why burn down the hostel, when the admin building is there huh,because they are not taking drugs test you are suspending 200.why ?”
Aniah: “The students did not take the right action y will the born down the hostel moreover the school was about to suspend the for the wrong things the have done why add foul to the fire the should all face judgment”

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