Two University Students Fall Into River And Drown While Taking Photographs

- November 07, 2018

Two University students, Mr Derrick Ouka and Ms Sharlet Atieno have died after they fell into a river while taking photographs.

They went out on Saturday to Siaya town in Kenya for a photo shoot on the bank of River Yala together with two other friends.

When they were there, Ms Atieno, a first year- student at Bondo Technology Training Institute, posed for photos on the rocks as Mr Ouka, a second year student at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, snapped pictures of her. Suddenly Ms Atieno slipped and fell into River Yala.

At first, her friends thought it was a practical joke, and they burst out  laughing.
When she didn't surface, Mr Ouka dived in, to rescue her but he drowned too. 

The two friends with them, Ms Beatrice Stephanie Atieno, a Kabianga University Student, and Steven Omondi, tried to save them" but to no avail.

According to Steven Omondi who witness the incident said;
I jumped into the river too and got hold of sharlet, but she slipped and disappeared.

The  search for two bodies, which began on Saturday afternoon, was still going on as at Monday evening.
Mr Ouka's mother, Jacinta Adhiambo was taken to Avenue Hospital in Kisumu, when she received the news of drowning and fainted.



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