South African Pastor Performs Miracle By Stepping On Member’s Buttocks (Photo)

- November 30, 2018
A photo of a south African pastor, have been going viral on the social media, as the photo reputedly shows the South African pastor performing a miracle while standing on the buttocks of one of his female members.

The pastor was standing on the buttocks of a female member of his church in south Africa and they call it miracle.

This is not the first time a South African pastor has been seen doing bizarre things in the name of miracles – a while back, South African-based Nigerian pastor, Pastor Anointed, who is widely known for his controversial miracles, made his congregants lick his shoes to receive miracle money.

In the photos that have gone viral since it hit the internet, the members of Pastor Anointed Church could be seen kneeling before the shoes and kissing them to partake in the miracle money that was promised by the cleric to land in their lives.



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