Postitute Throws Man From Third Floor For Refusing To Pay Her

- November 04, 2018

A man identified as Mandewo has been left hospitalised after he was thrown from the third floor' by a prostitute, for refusing to pay her for sex services she rendered to him.

The incident took place at Dana place, in the Avenues area in Zimbabwe.

Mandewo sustained head, back and leg injury and rushed to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where he is receiving treatment.
He told H-Metro that the woman known as Trish within their circles and resides in Flat Room, number 17 wrestled him off the apartment when he refused to disclose his Ecocash details.

Mandewo said they agreed for $5 earlier when they hooked on the street before the woman shifted goalposts after the act.

He said; I hooked her on the street and we agreed on $5 for sex, but she demanded $100 soon after having sex with her. And he offered her $10 but she insisted $100 demanding him to disclose his Ecocash details.

I was prepared to add more $10 but she kept on demanding for my Ecocash details and when I refused, she wrestled me along with her flat mate and threw me over the window.

Mandewo said in pain; She took my car keys and I want to believe she has gone and searched the vehicle or disappeared with the car if she is licensed to drive.
And he was asked" if he could give accounts of his relatives, Mandewo ignored the question insisting to get help on making sure his vehicle is recovered. Eye witnesses at Dana place heard Mandewo when he was calling for help, but couldn't give a hand on time.
We heard him calling for help and we saw him hanging by the window and fell down as we tried to rush to the room, one of the eye witnesses said.

The lady reported to have hooked him, ran away and we managed to apprehend two of the ladies who stay in that flat.

   Police attended to him and he was taken by paramedics to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.



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