Please End My Marriage - Battered Wife Begs Court

- November 19, 2018
A housewife has pleaded an Ikorodu customary court in Lagos, to end her five-year-old marriage.

A Lagos housewife, Mrs Taiwo Simon, on Monday begged a court to end her marriage after being battered severally by her husband Jude.

“My lord, there is no more love in our marriage. I want divorce. He constantly beats me; his beating caused me an eye defect.
“He sleeps outside sometimes; when I ask him, he tells me I am not in a position to ask. If I persist, he beats me.
“I want the court to dissolve our marriage, I don’t care if our only son is with him. I can’t endure him any longer,’’Taiwo, 30, pleaded.
She also alleged that her husband Jude, was irresponsible and has not paid her bride price.
However, 40-years-old Jude, denied the allegations but consented to the divorce.
He said their was a distrust between them on the eve of their wedding ceremony, and that it crept into their marriage. The president of the court, Mr Otun Olayiwola, adjourned the case until Dec, 6 for possible reconciliation.



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