Man Caught For Allegedly Picking Used Sanitary Pads And Diapers In DELSU (Video)

- November 24, 2018
An unnamed man has been caught by students, while picking used sanitary pads and diapers in DELSU.

The man who confessed that he is paid N50 for each used sanitary pads and pampas he pick in DELSU, was stripped and severely beaten while being forced to confess.

Man caught

An Instagram user @tara-dulzurah wrote;

After the killing of that young girl in Delsu some days back, This man was caught yesterday morning in this same Delsu, picking up used pads and pampers😩 Nigga says they pay him #50per pad.. fifty naira!!! What is going on? How do I start burning pad like this?😒.. This is the part where I envy people who use pit toilets.😪 God will save us all.

Here is a video of the man caught picking used sanitary pads and dispersal in DELSU, confessing to the crime below;
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