Laura Ikeji reveals how ladies should handle an unfaithful partner

- November 25, 2018
Beautiful Nigeria fashion Blogger and entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji, has taken to her social media platform to reveal how Nigerian Ladies should handle an unfaithful partner. (husband/boyfriend)

The Nigerian fashion Blogger and entrepreneur, said ladies should not just fight the girls who cheat with their partner, but also the cheating spouse.

Sharing the photo of herself, she wrote;

Fight your cheating spouse, fight that your not so innocent boyfriends. Stop fighting only the girls they didn’t cheat on u. We ladies need to talk to ourselves. Oh u re scared ba?
Had to take down the video apparently it was posted to shame the girl. Listen, if your man is cheating on you with anybody, fight your man, challenge him, go to his crib with ur friends and beat him up while filming (That is if u have the liver) but… Leave the girls alone”



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