Lack Of Sex Regularly Can Make You Lose Your Job ;-sex therapist

- November 02, 2018

Dr Tomi Imarah, a sex therapist and consultant psychiatrist, says lack of sex regularly" being part of balanced diet, can make you lose your job.

Dr. Tomi Imarah, who runs an online Mental Health Counseling Service, called "Dr. Toni's Haven" made this known in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria, on Thursday' in Lagos.

According to Imarah, sex is part of balanced diet, reflecting how essential it is to overall health and well being.

"Dr. Tomi Imarah wrote;
With regards to the impact of sex on job performance, I will prefer an emphasis on sex in marriage. Frequent unmet expectations stir frustrations and resentment, leaving you distracted at a subconscious level.
Sex boost endorphins and other productivity hormones, you go to work energized, work brilliantly and get promoted. The reverse is sexual frustration, and pent up emotions is highly distracting and prone to errors.
From my interaction with my male clients when they have a vibrant sex life, they feel energised to achieve so much in other  areas of their lives. What they do not know is that sex releases endorphins, which are feel good hormones.
These hormones fill you with energy, just like when you go for a run or other rigorous exercises. It pumps blood to your brain and helps you operate more optimally.

Not to talk of the fact that couples with frustrations in the bedroom have it spilling into other areas of their relationships, causing conflicts, leading to further repercussions outside the home including workplace, she also stated.

Dr. Imarah said during sexual activities' certain hormones including oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, testosterone, estrogen were released.
      These sex hormones leaves behind some effects such as improved mood, stress alleviation, improved attention and concentration, and improved memory capacity.

All these effects culminate in improved emotional, mental, and physical well being. That is why people walk around with a spring in their steps. Apart from these biochemical effects of sex, stoking the intimacy flames with someone you love helps your relationship thrive better, the therapist said.



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