If I Can't Fart In Your Presence, Sorry We Can't Date; Anita Joseph

- November 01, 2018

Popular Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has revealed that she can not date,nor marry a man she won't be comfortable farting in his presence anytime she wants to . 

During her conversion with her female fans on social media, she asked if they can date a man who they can't fart in his presence, she revealed that if she can not fart in her man's presence, then he obviously not the right man for her.

Anita Joseph asked,..
Can you date a man you cannot fart in his presence? As for me, if I can't fart in your presence sorry we can't date, talk more of marry' I can not be running to toilet ever time I want to fart.

Obviously, every woman has what they required in the man of their dreams, some, must be dark, tell and handsome. While some, he must be  Godfearing, romantic, caring and domestic. For some, as long as he is rich nothing else.



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