“I Can’t Date A Guy Who Can’t Buy Me A Car” – Ghanaian Actress, Maame Yaa

- November 27, 2018
Popular Ghanaian actress, Maame Yaa Konadu Jackson, a building actress in the Ghanaian movie industry has revealed that she cannot date someone who is broke and can't afford to buy her a car.
According to the teenager actress, she has need and wants like owing a brand new car, which a poor guy cannot afford.
Maame Yaa
Speaking in an interview with Delay Show, Jackson emphasised that it will not be in the best of a poor guy to date her because she will likely cheat on him to get her needs provided.
She said;

Every lady deserves a guy who can take proper care of her. Someone who can buy you food and buy all that you need.
In the revealing interview, the young actress who celebrated her birthday recently disclosed that she was dating an MP but had to break up with him.
The MP, she stated, refused to open a makeup shop for her because she was not sleeping with him.
Touching on rumours that she once dated fellow young actor Rahim Banda, Yaa Jackson explained that Banda was like a brother to her and she will not date him because he did not have the means to buy her a ‘tear rubber.’



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