Ghana Has Left Nigeria Behind’ – Singer Teni cries out (Video)

- November 23, 2018
Nigerian singer, Teni the Entertainer, has taken to her Instagram page to share her feeling towards the state of Nigeria when compared with her neighboring country Ghana.

The singer, cried out via a video she shared on Instagram, it might be seen as one of her comic post, but it is far more than that.
According to the video she shared on Instagram, Teni has been in Ghana in the last 24 hours and their was no electricity interruption unlike Nigeria that is well known for power outage.

a. Photo: ChannelsTV
Mimicking someone in tears, she speaks in a mixture of Yoruba and English to deliver her message. She said the only comparison that should be made between the two neighbouring countries is their Jollof rice as it is clear Ghana is ahead of Nigeria in many ramifications.
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