Fake blind beggars using rented kids, arrested in Anambra

- November 24, 2018
The taskforce team of Anambra Ministry of Woman Affairs, Social Welfare and Children Development, has arrested fake blind beggars using rented kids to beg for alms.

Yesterday, the Ladies who faked blindness and use rented kids to beg for alms, were arrested. And one of the suspect revealed that one Edith, who hails from Ebonyi State and is currently at large, brings the kids to them every morning for them to rent at N1,000 per day.

During interrogation, the commissioner in-charge of the ministry was able to discover that the kids don't even know where their real parents are. It is being speculated that they are victims of kidnapping or trafficking.

It was also discovered that the group of fake beggars camp at Army Barracks, Onitsha and none of them are from Anambra State. Most of them are from Ebonyi, Abia, Kogi and Imo  State.



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