Lady In Sex Video With Lekki Pastor Weep Bitterly In Interview With BBC

- November 07, 2018

A Nigerian lady called Tamara Okpewho,  appeared in the leaked sex video, with a popular Lekki pastor, Chris Omatsola, granted an interview with BBC pidgin.

In the course of the season, Tamara broke down in tears, at some point when it became too emotional. Tamara, who was engaged to Apostle Omatsola for 7 months, - during the period the sex video was filmed, - insists Omatsola was the one who leaked the sex tape. She said he admitted it to the police after he was arrested.
However, Omatsola insisted he never said that and didn't release the sex tape. As she spoke, Tamara Okpewho broke down, crying and said she had plans for herself for the year 2018, but the leaked video has changed things.

She further stated; that she isn't a  "runz girl"  but just a woman who made a silly mistake for love. And went on to advice Laddies not to share their nude pictures and videos to their boyfriends  and to also ensure that their these implicating media are not retained on their partners, Tamara advised Laddies.

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