Man Stabbed His New Wife To Death For Refusing To Include His Name On The Deed To Their New Home

- October 30, 2018
A man who stabbed his new wife to death has been sentence to life in prison.

A gambling addict' David Pawluk, born on 25/10/1959 of Alexandera street castleton has been jailed for life, for stabbing his wife. David pawluk met his wife Margaret Howlett, due to being a regular at bookmaker' were she work. While Pawluk was a regular customer. They developed a relationship and got married in Cyprus in summer 2017, but after a short period of time they married' they started arguing over his significant gambling problem and mounting debts.

At a point, they decided to sell Margaret home at Alexander street' Rochdale, and buy a bungalow together. When Margaret refused to include his name in the deeds of the new property, he felt belittled and attacked her and left her to die in the kitchen of their home in Rochdale. Pawluk tried countless time to commit suicide. After two days he walked to police station and confessed that he has killed his wife.
   David Pawluk has now been sentence to life in prison with a minimum term of 16 years and eight months, after pleading of guilty to murder  Margaret his wife.

Margaret was in a relationship with another man, when David Pawluk met her" but Pawluk ruined the relationship. When Margaret ended the relationship, she got engaged by Pawluk in 2016 and they got married in 2017.
Before they got married, Pawluk talked her round' compromising and saying they could still move but that only her name be put on the title deeds. He was said to be angered by this saying, it made him feel belittled.

The minshull Street Crown court heard that Pawluk cashed and spent his £40.000 pension on gambling and that he was £2,000 overdrawn with £20,000 credit card debits.
Court also heard that Margaret had already made up her mind to sell her home and move elsewhere, but after being informed about her husband  gambling problem she changed her mind.
Mrs Howlett confided her friend, in march" and said she no longer love Pawluk and revealed that she had £24,000 in her savings when she met David Pawluk, but now she only have £4,000 left. David Pawluk had texted a friend already" saying that he needed divorce.

On 10th of April 2018, a witness heard David Pawluk shouting at his wife Margaret, in the house' calling her a liar. The witness said Pawluk sounded as if he was going to kill her .
A day after the incident, Pawluk extended his regular taxi customer, saying that he was not going to be able to pick her up" but give to explanation why he couldn't pick her.
A co- worker in the gambling shop, noticed that the shop was shut, while passing by" and texted Pawluk, as his wife Margaret was due to open shop, but get no reply .
Then on 12th  David Pawluk went to police station and confessed on how he murdered his wife.



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