Child Rescued After Being Kidnapped For N500k

- October 31, 2018
Child rescued after being kidnapped for N500k

A missing child, has been found and rescued following the full investigation.
A 2 year old child, Bemdoo Ajekwe was kidnapped on October 10, 2018, at Northern Nigeria, in the Bank in Makurdi, Benue State.
During the investigation, suspects were arrested" Lucy Doosur, 29, and Joy Onyeabor, 32. Both of them reportedly confessed that the child was with his elder brother. Who is about 7 years old, the kidnappers lured his elder brother to buy N50, bread for them across the road" leaving the younger brother in their care. As the elder brother went on the errand, they escaped with the younger child. They took him to several States away to Abia State.
The kidnappers stated that Bemdoo Ajekwe was sold to  Unwa Chibueze and Elizabeth with unknown surname. They sold him at the cost of five hundred thousand naira, N500000.

Further investigation were carried out, which led to the arrest of the other syndicate. Namely; Friday Orinya, 33 and Sunday Udoh, 26 all of North Bank, Makurdi who actively participate in the crime were arrested.
Police extended the investigation to Abia State and recovered the child on October 23- 2018. He was returned to his family, while investigation continues with the intention of arresting other members of the group.

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