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How Acrylic Nails Are Made

What is the one thing that girls are
crushing on these days? Here’s a hint: you see them all decorated on their hands!
Well, you have guessed it right! The acrylic nails are the accessory that girls
have a huge crush on! You see every other girl who is keen on fashion has these
nail on her. They have these beautiful decorated huge nails that go so perfect
with their fashion! And if you are a girl, we bet you love them! But do you
know how they are made? Well, we see the artist doing it at her place but do
you know the process? No? do you want to know how it is made? Well, here we are
with the answer to How Acrylic Nails Are
! We are sure you will be amazed to know the process! With this,
here are Pretty Nail Art Designs for Summers!


How Acrylic Nails Are Made

Let’s Get To Know About Them

The acrylic nail is
an object made out of resin that is made to sit, fix and stay on the original
nail of the person who has wished to get it done. It has a variety in the
material that it is made the form, for example, press-on nails, nail
tips, and sculpted nails. Initially, the acrylic nails were used in a plastic material
that was glued on the original nails. These came out when you had contact with
water or removed it with remover. Then, the resin used by the dental industry
was used to do the enhancement however, it is not used now because many people
are allergic to it! In
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Raw Materials

The raw materials used to make the acrylic nails are

  • Monomer liquid
  • Polymer powder
  • Resin modifiers
  • Miscellaneous ingredients

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Did you know that acrylic is the generic
name given to the plastic that is mad form methacrylate? There is a huge
variety of acrylic resins made from this compound. To make the acrylic nail,
the monomer liquid and the polymer powder ate the main ingredients. A powdered
polymer is added to the monomer to form a chain of hard polymers. Then softer polymers
are added to them to increase the flexibility of the material. Resin modifiers
such as (BP) benzoyl peroxide which is the same ingredients that are used to
reduce acne in acne cream is added to the mixture moreover, some Catalysts are
also added so that the process is energized. Then the Miscellaneous ingredients
such as the dye and pigments are added to it. Titanium oxide is used to keep
the nails white and other colorants are added to give a pinkish look to it. With
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The Manufacturing Process- how acrylic nails are made and
placed on your nails

The sculpted nails that are the on-going
trend in the fashion business are actually not made in the assembly line but by
your nail art artist or nail technician! In
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The process involves the following steps

Cleansing the nails– the nails are thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl alcohol that
removes all the oil or grease from your nail. It also removes any bacteria that
is left so that you didn’t catch any infection. However, it may dry your skin
as it removes the skins natural moisturizes as well. With
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Priming- after cleansing the primers are applied to your nails. These are
used so that your acrylic nail sticks firmly to your nail. There are 2 types of
primer, i.e. etching and non-etching. The difference between them is that the
former is used more often than the later because it gives a firm hold to the
acrylics, while the latter is like a double-sided tape that sticks to the nail
and the acrylic equally.


Mixing the acrylic– the nail art artist must do this instantly so that she can shape
the nail before the resin hardens. In
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Sculpting the acrylic– once the resin is applied as per the desired nail shape, it is
filed to sculpt the required type and size. Then the color and other
accessories such as glitters and artificial diamonds are added to it to give it
a lush look. In
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Quality Control

In the US, the FDA is concerned with the
chemicals used in the acrylic nails. The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing
and processing of the acrylic nails should be the important factors to the
artists. The artists should take care that the materials are kept in a proper
condition depending upon the type of care they need. A problem with the air
pockets between the nails and the acrylic nails became the main home of bacteria
which may lead to the hazardous outcome so that must be kept in mind. In
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Therefore, here was all you need to know about How Acrylic Nails Are Made! We hope you
liked the article and found it informational. Remember that while getting
acrylic nails it is necessary that you check upon your allergies with the
products that are used. With this,
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