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This Vintage Piece instantly Upgraded my Wardrobe

One of the things I want to do this year is clean out my closet. And I mean really clean it out. Ultimately, I want my closet to be made of up 80% staples and about 20% statement pieces to go with those staple pieces. Currently, I’m in the middle of a kind of quarter life style crisis. I’m a bit unsure of where my style falls.

I love vintage, I love girly, I love 80s, I love 90s… It’s hard for me to nail down a specific style, especially when it feels like a lot of people dress the same these days. I’m struggling to find the line between sophisticated enough for the workplace, mature enough for a 25-year-old, and still fun enough to feel connected to my favorite high fashion world. I want a unique style that stands out, but still feels age appropriate. I just don’t quite know where that’s going yet.

However, this one piece I found on Etsy inspired me. I used to be really into shopping on Poshmark, Depop, and Etsy. Secondhand items are my favorite items and you can find such unique pieces for really good prices. This pink Dior blazer was no exception.

It was sold to me with a matching skirt, which I plan to crop to a mini skirt after all of this is over. (I’d like to get the jacket more tailored to my body type as well.) But what this jacket did is make my examine my personal style. This was the type of item I loved: a unique vintage item that fits me perfectly. A statement piece if I’ve ever seen one. This dress reminded me of what I wanted in my own personal style.

In this look, I paired it with a lace bodysuit, high waist jeans, and heels. But it looks adorable layered over a mockneck top with slim fitting black pants for work too. It looks cute paired with a black slip dress and booties for a weekend look. This was the item I needed to remind me of the style I loved.

I think this was the post I needed to write to get set and revamp my entire wardrobe. I need to clean it out, get rid of the things that no longer fit my personal style and cut back on my shopping. Stay tuned for additional posts as I get that done.

Do you have a piece in your closet that made you feel like your closet was instantly complete?

Vintage Pink Dior Oversized Blazer

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