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5 questions to ask yourself before you make a designer purchase

Being able to purchase a designer item for the first time was a big deal for me. My first designer purchase ever was a pair of Gucci Princetown Loafers. When I first purchased them, I was so excited, but I was nervous to even wear them out of the house. But when I did – I was hooked. They match everything, they are so comfortable, and now they’re a staple in my closet. I can’t imagine not having them.

However, as my collection has grown, I’ve purchased items that have been less basic than the classic Gucci mule. But, I deliberate for a while before I make each purchase to avoid any post-purchase regret. Designer items don’t need to be purchased on a whim. They likely won’t go out of stock, they’re not exactly in the chump change price range, and you want them to be a staple in your wardrobe so you can get the best cost-per-wear.

My most recent addition was this pair of Manolo Blahnik Hangisi flats in a royal blue color. I’ve wanted them for a while and ended up pulling the trigger when they showed up in my size on The RealReal. Even though I purchased the shoes pretty hastily, I already knew I wanted to buy them at full price, so it wasn’t exactly an impulse purchase.

If you’re making the plunge into designer and contemplating your first designer purchase, let me share with you a few of the questions I ask myself before I swipe any plastic.

How often will I wear this?

Ultimately, you want to make sure you’re purchasing something you will wear, not something that will decorate the back of your closet. I often use a cost-per-wear analysis in my head to decide whether a purchase will be worth it to me or not.

Cost-per-wear is a pretty easy calculation:

Price/(Amount of times you will wear the piece) = Cost-per-wear

Even as an accountant, anything involving shopping is my favorite kind of math.

If I get this, will I choose to wear it instead of something else?

When I purchased my Gucci mules, I quickly noticed how much less often I wore my other black flats. So, I got rid of the other black flats and didn’t purchase any more (except the J’adior Slingback flats, which are my other closet staple).

So, if you make that purchase, what in your closet will become obsolete? If you’re purchasing a bag, will you choose to carry this new bag instead of a few of your old bags? If you’re purchasing a pair of black heels, what other shoes won’t see the light of day anymore?

Will it go out of style?

Typically, I opt for classic-looking pieces instead of trendy items. The Gucci mules are a great example. They’ve been in style for a while and will always be a classic.

Even if the item is trendy, do you really love it? Trends may come and go but if you are really and truly in love with the item, it won’t leave your own personal style.

Do I have the space for it?

While not the most important question out there regarding designer purchases, I’ve started asking myself this a lot more.

Do I even have the space for this item in my own closet? Where will I store this? And more importantly – is this item filling a gap in your wardrobe, or is it just another pair of heels?

Can I honestly afford it?

The biggest question regarding designer purchases (and most other purchases, to be honest) is whether or not you can actually afford it. If it’s coming down to paying for a handbag and paying your rent, pay your rent. It shouldn’t take a financial expert to figure that out, but credit cards are an easy way to get into debt if you’re not careful.

If you’re ballin’ on a budget, there are still other ways you can afford designer items (just check out these tips!), but just pay attention to your own personal finances before pulling the trigger.

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