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41 Super Cool Marvel Wallpaper Need to See

Iron Man opened the first year of the Marvel film universe, but at that time the audience’s eyes on him were much simpler and more charming. This year, Bruce Banner, who was also a genius, encountered a lot of troubles. The gamma ray test had an accident and became a sacrifice to science. Torture, confusion, pain, separation, every punch Hawk wields seems to vent resentment and discontent for all monsters that are not understood by the world. Beauty and beast don’t always end up as beautiful as fairy tales, but in sadness, a familiar figure makes the heart beat faster and the brain short circuit shorter.

If a man can stand up for justice without fear of sacrificing himself, he can become the most perfect hero. The First Avenger will embark on a new journey. At this time, far away from Asgard, a blonde prince was preparing to ascend the throne. But because of arrogance, Odin, the father of the gods, deprived him of his divinity and demoted him to the world. He has always been a thunder god, but has never proved himself worthy of thunder. When the prince travels around the world, the fairy palace is disturbed by Rocky. He knows what sacrifice is and what sacrifice is. Only when he knows what sacrifice is, can a hero be born.

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