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35 Classy Winter Wedding Ideas

The winter wedding decor you choose for your big day can turn a boring, off season wedding into a magical event. All it takes is a little creativity and thought to put it all together.There are several very big holidays during the winter season that can be used as a springboard for wedding decor ideas. You have the option of planning your entire wedding around a holiday, which many couples end up doing.Today I’m sharing these wedding drink bar ideas that’re perfect for winter weddings. If you’re an winter bride, check out this post and get inspired.

Attention to detail is important for every aspect of your wedding, and the way you offer drinks to your guests is no exception – even the soft ones. Self-serve drink stations offering sweet tea, lemonade, juices, and infused waters from glass and cut-crystal dispensers are far more sophisticated and allow your guests to help themselves to whatever and as much as they want. Equally important is the way you choose to design your wedding drink stations. Flowers, signage, and even pretty snacks can help dress up a display, while creative stands and risers add to the effect.

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