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New 2019 Braids Hairstyles For Ladies

New 2019 Braids Hairstyles For Ladies As we’ve always known the hairs on our head are a part of our fashion language, they can make or mar our fashion style that is why the beautiful hairstyle braids should never be negotiated or contested, it’s either we braid our into some …

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Rock These Stunning African Prints For Your Owambe

Nothing looks better than a well designed African inspired outfit. We have seen the evolving fashion trend in our continent and are awed by the creativity of the designers. We have come to identify with every tribe in Africa with their cultural fabrics.  The African woman understands the power of …

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Braids Hairstyles You Would Love To Rock

Are you a lover of braids?  If you are among those who enjoy rocking braids, then you are in for a big surprise with the number of styles we are showing you.  Traditionally, we have grown with braids but still love seeing newer styles.  These braids are unique and can …

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Tips to Get Rid of Rough Elbows and Knees

The knees and elbows can get really rough. This is because we often neglect them for our faces, necks and parts that are noticeable. Then they hit back at us by becoming darker and rougher than the rest of our bodies.  We have taken out to list how you can …

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