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I don’t know how I missed out on blogging about these oversized leather bags I found ridiculous last year. I randomly stumbled on the pictures in a folder and remembered that I didn’t blog about it. My first thought after seeing these giant bags was “what is this one again?😂 lol *followed by a very long hiss*.

Oversized bags

I get how everyone is trying to be different and how brands are doing all it takes to beat competitors like the jacquemus mini bag in 2019 and the jacquemus giant hat. But, come on? Does this bag make any sense?

Aside from it being a somewhat fashion statement in pictures can everyday people go out with it. These are the questions that ring in my head.

Giant leather bags

What are you going out to buy with such a big bag? Fridge or plot of land? 😀😀😀.

Over to you my lovely readers. What are your thoughts? Ridiculous or nah?