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Nigerian Ankara Styles Catalogue 2020 – Latest Ankara

Ankara has become one of the most-used fabrics in Nigeria today. Our Nigerian Ankara styles catalogue brings you the trendiest styles in 2019. You are definitely going to love the styles on this list. It is no secret that Ankara is very flexible and will allow several combinations and creative designs.

You can pick from this catalogue for your wedding, red carpet, party, and other celebration designs. One major advantage is that Ankara fabric is that they are very comfortable, even on hot days. They also allow you to be very creative as you can come up with very juicy and eye-catching designs from the simplest fabric.

Little wonder Ankara designs have
become popular, not just within Nigerian shores but beyond. You must have
noticed that in our indigenous movies they have begun using very alluring
Ankara designs too. It is a way of spreading the Ankara gospel to the rest of
the world.

long ankara style

You must be itching to go through our Nigerian Ankara styles catalogue by now. T. is no need to keep you further, let’s dive straight in.

Long gowns are among the latest trending styles

These long gowns come in
different styles. The ultimate aim is to feel free in the dress you choose. You
may decide to go with a gown that reaches the ankles but comes without a belt
or anything cumbersome. That feeling of freedom and comfort is priceless.

If you want something more
elegant, you may decide to add a few embellishments or make the dress fit to
your figure. This is perfect for someone with a slender frame.

Off-shoulder Ankara gown

This gown could be long or short, depending on your preference. The idea is that one of the sleeves comes off the shoulder. This is one of the most luxurious ways to wear Ankara gowns.

Off-shoulder Ankara gown

To may add some lace to one or both sleeves for more glam. Some ladies will even make one of the sleeves short and the other three-quarter. Whatever design works for you, as long as you are comfortable.

Comfortable Ankara skirt and blouse

ankara skirt and blouse

Skirts and blouses have always
been a western thing but these days, it is not strange to see such designs made
with Ankara fabric. You may want to try a crop top and a long skirt to give you
that feeling of freedom while looking classy. A great way to attend an evening

You may also g for a peplum top
and Ankara skirt. The blouse is designed to expose the shoulders and you may
add fringe looks on both the skirt and blouse, at the edges.

Ankara with solid color designs

Ankara with solid color designs

It has become very common these days to have Ankara fabric mixed with solid color fabrics. In truth, they are very glamorous, which is why we just had to add them to our Nigerian Ankara styles catalogue. You can come up with the combinations as you please, it all depends on the statement you want to make.

Black tops on Ankara skirts

Black tops on Ankara skirts

The skirts are usually long, almost reaching the floor. Frankly, when you see how good they look, you will see why it should be added to our Nigerian Ankara styles catalogue. The skirt is flattery and the black top creates an amazing contrast.

T. you have it for our Nigerian Ankara styles catalogue. T. are several other designs but we hope this few have inspired you.

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