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4 Beauty Secrets To Achieve Your Favorite Celebrity Beauty Fashion Style


Celebrities – they’re beautiful, they’re glamorous, and they’re so effortlessly chic… they’re basically the goddesses we all aspire to look like. Of course, when you’re spending so much time in front of the camera, you always need to look flawless and on point. From makeup artists to hairstylists to personal shopping assistants – the glam squad is a powerful weapon in the arsenals of our favorite Hollywood stars, and given how they’re surrounded by only the best in their fields, celebs are bound to pick up a couple of tricks that they can share with their fans.

Listen in closely because, in this article, we’re spilling top beauty tips and tricks shared by some of our favorite famous faces. Here, the list of four genius beauty hacks you should definitely ‘steal’ from your favorite Hollywood stars and sneak into your everyday beauty routine.

Tired eyes? Try a DIY eyelash curler

We all wish we had naturally long, curly eyelashes – they make the color of our eyes pop, even more, framing them and emphasizing our femininity. While putting on several coats of mascara certainly does help revive a tired eye, the full effect is achieved when the lashes are curled – it’s a trick that stars like Jessica Alba swears by.

Instead of using the curler right away, heat it up with a blow-dryer before curling your lashes. Running late and your eyelash curler is suddenly now. to be found? Try a DIY version instead! Do it as Miranda Kerr does – use hot water to warm up the spoon, and then press your lashes against the kitchen utensil to bend them. Sounds silly, but it totally works!

Olive oil + grapeseed oil = flawless skin?

We all know that moisturizing is one of the crucial steps in any beauty routine, no matter how simple or complex the routine itself may be. Now, if you’ve got a hypersensitive skin, using any store-bought moisturizer just won’t cut it.

Chances are, most commercial moisturizers will wreak havoc on your face and cause your skin to get irritated. It’s a problem even our favorite celebs face (pun intended). Emma Stone is one of the actresses who always manages to look flawless on the red carpet, even with super sensitive skin. Her solution? Grapeseed oil and olive oil. No joke, applying natural oil to your skin is a great way to keep it soft and moisturized, and it also helps if you’re “allergic to everything”, as Emma stated when explaining her skincare routine. Get your grocery bag and head to your nearest health food store – your skin will thank you!

Hair extensions are your best friend

We’ve all seen pictures of our favorite celebrities rocking the most luscious, voluminous hairstyles that gave us major beauty envy (we’re looking at you, Queen Bey!). The queen herself, Beyoncé, is a huge fan of frontals and wigs, which she occasionally swaps out for extensions to give her hair a deserved break. Hair extensions are a staple in the glam room of another Hollywood celebrity, model and television personality Chrissy Teigen.

She likes to change her hairstyle frequently, and she loves herself some quality clip in hair extensions she often raves about on her social media. The Snapchat lover frequently shares about her hair extensions, praising them for how wearable they’re on a daily basis and how easy they are to use. Store them correctly and keep them detangled, and hair extensions can easily become your best friend.

Coffee – not just the world’s favorite beverage    

Gorgeous skin of actresses like Halle Berry has women around the world shelling hundreds of dollars on expensive creams and anti-cellulite gels just to achieve smooth, radiant skin. Little do they know that the secret to getting healthy-looking and vibrant skin is hiding on the shelves of their kitchen cabinets, and surprisingly, the secret ingredient costs close to nothing!

What the gorgeous Hollywood actress does is she creates a mixture of her favorite body wash and some coffee grounds. Simple as that! She uses the mixture to exfoliate her skin and increase her circulation. The caffeine also boosts the blood flow and the skin is smoothed out, leaving her with soft skin and radiant complexion. Give it a shot – trust us when we say, you won’t be disappointed.

Even if they’re practically blessed with the perfect genes and have access to the most exclusive makeup artists and hairstylists, celebrities, like us mortals, like resort to some nifty, clever beauty hacks from time to time to make themselves even more beautiful and glamorous (not that they need to, obviously). So, when these beauty insiders talk, we listen carefully. Now that you know their tricks, all that’s left to do is decide which ones you’ll be giving a try first!


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