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3 Influencer-Owned Brands Delivering Authentic ‘French Girl’ Style

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Over the past couple of years, t.’s been an explosion of style bloggers and influencers launching their own brands. By doing so, women like Arielle Charnas, Aimee Song and Olivia Palermo have been able to create new (and perhaps more stable) revenue streams and profit directly from their own influence while allowing their followers to buy directly into the aesthetics for which they became famous.

Overseas, influencers are catching onto this phenomenon and making it their own. In 2016, for instance, Jeanne Damas managed successfully to distill her long-revered effortless French-Girl aesthetic into Rouje, a contemporary clothing line that now also encompasses accessories, cosmetics and even a restaurant.

“I knew when I created Rouje that people would follow because of the demand my followers shared with me. The question was, how much?” Damas tells Fashionista. “We started with small collections that were sold out in one day, which in turn contributed more to the brand’s success because of the demand that created. I designed my ideal wardrobe each season and I knew I had to love everything and wear what I created because being real and organic was key to the brand’s success.”

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